My customized linting display in Atom

Customized the linting display in Atom so that errors and warnings would be much more obvious while developing: Gutter “dots” changed to “ERR” and “WARN”, with larger gutter size Red […]

Screenshot of customized Atom IDE

Here is a screenshot of my customized Atom IDE: (click to enlarge) This includes: Atom Tweak – ESLint Highlighting Atom Tweak – Scrollbar colors, size, and visibility Atom Tweak – […]

Adds a solid, double-thickness line under lint errors, instead of the standard thin dotted line: atom-text-editor.editor .linter-row { /* Take up the full allowed width */ left: 0; right: 0; […]

In your custom styles.less, add: .scrollbars-visible-always { .tool-panel ::-webkit-scrollbar { min-width: 6px !important; width: 6px !important; min-height: 6px !important; height: 6px !important; } /deep/ ::-webkit-scrollbar { min-width: 6px !important; width: […]

To enable source maps for webpack in gulp, add the attribute: config.devtool = ‘source-map’ into the webpack config file. This will give accurate line numbers for javascript errors from the […]