About James & this blog

James is a senior software developer who enjoys creating highly functional web-based applications with a clean, crisp user interface. He is currently focused on advanced front end development with ReactJS, Swagger, Webpack, and RESTful services. Applications have ranged in size from small “brochure” sites to full scale million dollar projects.

He began using computers in 1988, starting with an i386 running MS DOS. He received numerous Microsoft networking certifications in the Windows NT4 days before shifting to development instead of networking. He wrote his first website in 1996, and went on to graduate from Strayer University in 2002 with a Bachelors in Computer Science.

James has random personal projects with software and hardware at home. When away from computers and technology, James entertains himself with woodworking, sword fighting, and video games.

This is his blog for posts about servers, software, development, and general computer things.